Inspiration Monday: I’ve Got My Mission Statement…Now What?

By now, most of you should have your mission statement written down. The deadline for submitting your mission statement to me for the What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail? Mission Statement Challenge is this Wednesday, April 18th at 9pm, EST. You can add your mission statement to the comments, post a comment to let me know you’ll send me your mission statement via e-mail (so your e-mail isn’t filtered out), or link to this post with your mission statement. You can find the rules and prize information right here.

So. Now what? You’ve written your mission statement. You’ve shared this with someone else and have a great cheerleading team behind you. So. Now. It’s time for you make steps toward achieving your dream. Some people are able to just dive right in and go at it until they reach their goals. Others might need a bit of handholding and encouragement.

Regardless of where you fit in the spectrum, personally, I believe there are a few things that will determine what type of journey we will have as we work toward our dreams.

Get Rid of Your Mental Junk
Most of us have years of negative self talk stored away in our brains. Maybe someone told us we weren’t good enough, smart enough, talented enough. Or someone may have laughed at what we were doing. Or harshly criticized our efforts. Or, some kind hearted person may have told us, too many people have failed at trying to do the same thing, to spare us the effort. Fear surfaces. Doubts multiply. We stall.

This mental junk is quite tricky. It oozes in the crevices of our brains and manages to infiltrate our minds with no warning. It dictates how we act, react, and go about our daily lives. Isn’t it time we gave the negative self talk the boot?

Enough is enough. Clearly we won’t be able to erase years worth of mental junk in a day. But, if we take baby steps, we can work towards hope and possibilities without the mental junk dragging us down. One minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. This reshifting of attitude will certainly loosen up the hold of the negative self talk. And as we change our attitude, we’ll find our habits and behavior changing. This refreshing change will help energize us when we need it most.

The No Excuses, No Blame Rule
Don’t point the finger. No excuses. Stuff happens. We all know that. But instead of blaming your parents, your spouse, your kids, your dog, your cat, your neighbors, your roommates, your school, your job, your hair, the weather, or Mr. Nobody–take charge and be accountable for your actions. The fun thing is that people won’t expect it and will be awed. The best thing is you’ll find yourself reworking things because it’s all you, baby, all you.

Hard Work and Discipline Required
The mission statement we created will help us visualize how we’re gonna get to our goals. We might need to revise our mission statement every once in awhile as we move closer to our goals, but for the most part, it will keep us on track. Now I want to be clear. Just because you’ve visualized your dream, it doesn’t mean it will automatically happen. Unless you have a mysterious fairy godmother you’d like to share. I won’t tell.

It’s gonna take lots of hard work on a regular basis to get to your dream. Discipline will be key to perfecting your craft on a regular basis. Ouch. I never said this was gonna be easy. However, it will be so worth the effort. You’ll see. You can do this.

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