Inspiration Monday: Take Time for Yourself

Summer is a time I’d like to think would be slow and relaxing, but I’ve found myself more stressed these past few weeks. Isn’t it sad that I’ve found having three children home, all day long, making sure they have summer fun, has drained me? It pains me to admit that, because these kids are my life and joy.

But, when I look around and see women with four and even five children, move along with effortless grace, I am overwhelmed by how hard it is for me to stay organized to make sure my kids are happy, my husband is happy, and I am happy. Inevitably, something always has to fall by the wayside, and I hate to say it, but I let it be me.

Not to mention, I’ve let so many household and personal things slide this summer, so I can concentrate on my writing. See, I get rather obsessed with my projects and neglect other things, like grocery shopping, regular mealtimes, getting to fun activities on time, cleaning, bedtime rituals. It shouldn’t have surprised me when I found myself surrounded by family mutiny. But, also somewhat relieved because I was stressed and exhausted.

All of the sudden I realized I needed to make an adjustment to re-energize my household, my writing and most importantly, me. Oh yes, for the moment, this is all gonna be about me…and you’ll soon find this is all about you, too.

So if you’re a regular visitor, you may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent from the blogging scene for bit. As well as a few other things that have been so important to me. I needed a chance to rest, recharge and get my life in order. This has made me happier and more enthusiastic for my projects. Not to mention the family is happier.

I’ve mentioned before that it is so important to work toward your dreams on a regular basis. What I failed to recognize and convey to you, is how absolutely essential it also is to pay attention to your needs and your family’s needs . Give yourself permission to take a break when you need it.

Your dream won’t go away, it’ll still be there while you rest or focus on the people who are important in your life. In fact, this may just give you the necessary chance to brainstorm or even channel your energy in a more positive way.

So go, take a well deserved break. Then come back and unleash your newfound energy and enthusiasm into your dream.

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Vivian Lee Mahoney

Consider yourself warned: I write books about rebels. I'm also a postergirlz for readergirlz, a literary advisory group for teens. Who knew going back to the teenage years would be so rewarding?

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