Consumerism and Beauty Tips

A sad sign of the times? I found out about this one from Kellya kidlit discussion and Tadmack’s amazing rant on product placement in children’s books. Based on this article.

HarperCollins Childrens Books will publish a new book series aimed to tweens ages 8-12 years old.  Companies will have a chance to sponsor the books in the series.  The payoff is their products will be in front of a new generation of consumers. If you think you have a problem now with your tweens begging for those name brand products, have no fear, help has arrived.

Let’s make consumerism even more of a problem for girls, so they grow up into women who measure themselves and others by what they have or have not.  Is the almighty dollar that much more important than the well-being of kids?  

And surely if it’s so easy for girls to be told what to buy if they want to fit into the right group, it only makes sense that they’ll grow into women who will believe they don’t look pretty enough or young enough.  Take a look at all those magic bottles and miracle creams that are supposed to lift, disguise and brighten the face…

Things women think about at…ahem…my age…and really shouldn’t have to.

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