You Know it’s Time for School to Start Again When…

four-year-old walked over and asked, “When are my sisters going back to school?” The other two girls were bickering with one another. Something about how one sister wanted the other to play a game and the other didn’t want to.

“Monday,” I said. I counted down the days. The two sisters shrieked past us, one chasing the other.

“Ugh!” she said and pulled herself onto my lap. “I can’t wait to have my time with you again.” I was surprised. She Worships, with a capital W, her two sisters. A door slammed. I closed my eyes. Little one covered her ears.

But, then, sometimes it’s time to let go.

“Me too, little one, me too.”

Our sentence of a week-long February vacation is almost complete. We had planned to visit my sister in New Hampshire, but got side tracked with bouts of conjunctivitis, colds, asthma, vomiting, sinus infections, sleepless nights, lots of antibiotics and the obvious side effects of whines and complaints from the There is nothing to do and This is the “boringest” vacation in the world syndromes.

Sick seven and nine-year-olds with friends on thrilling vacation trips to Disney World and exotic ski locales are tough critics.

At least we were able to go to Harvard University’s Museum of Natural History earlier in the week. The kids loved it. Easy to maneuver with children and lots of cool things for them to learn about. Geodes, minerals, elements , meteors, dinosaurs, bugs, birds, animals…it was great.

I also learned one important lesson this week. I finally figured out how to put antibiotic drops into four-year-old’s eyes without having to chase her all over the house. I put them in her eyes when she was sleeping. So much easier if you think outside the box.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Vivian Lee Mahoney

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