Inspiration Monday on a Tuesday: Randy Pausch: Live Well, Find Your Passion, Follow Your Dreams

Three of my nephews graduated from college over the past couple of weeks.  Besides the fact it makes me feel old, it also makes me nostalgic for my college days where it was easier to believe that I could accomplish anything.

Enter Randy Pausch: professor at Carnegie Mellon University, founder of the Alice Project, author of The Last Lecture, and all-around incredible person.  
This man can make you believe that anything is possible.  
This post is dedicated to my nephews: B., L. and S.  
May you believe in yourself and find what you love.  

Randy Pausch’s 2008 Commencement Speech for Carnegie Mellon University (6 minutes):

If you’d like to see Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, here it is (76 minutes):

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