Guess What I Learned to Do…

Do you know what happens when you have coffee next to your laptop and your five-year-old decides she wants to pick up the cup?  It’s a good thing she makes me smile.

Thankfully, I had a lid on the cup.
Only a few drops spilled.  On two keys.
But I still panicked.  We’ve all heard stories about how quickly a hard drive crashes from liquid exposure.
But a quick Google, some instructions, and a couple YouTube videos later, the crisis was averted.  Whew…
In case something like this happens to you, here is what you do for a small spill:
1.   Turn laptop sideways and upside down to drain the liquid.  Wipe up.
2.  Save any document you are working on and shut down your laptop immediately.  Take out the battery.  Unplug the laptop.
3.  Place the keyboard upside down on a towel or napkins.  Be sure to balance and support the weight of the laptop so it doesn’t fall.
4.  Watch the YouTube video below on how to remove and put back a key from your laptop keyboard.  Note:  Be careful with those plastic springs underneath the keys.

5.  Wipe underneath the key with a lint-free cloth.  Dry thoroughly.
6.  Clean and wipe the plastic spring and key before putting back together.
7.  Do these steps for as many keys needed.
8.  Be sure to replace the keys to their correct spots.
For more detailed instructions, go here or here for laptop spills.  Go here to find out how to take care of keyboard spills.  
Better yet, remember not to have liquids near your laptop.  
Happy Writing!
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