Finding Space to Create

I was inspired by Beth Kephart’s beautiful writing area to post my creative working space.  There’s also a photo of Patty Palmer‘s office, one of my critique buddies.  I know I’ve seen more photos of other writing spaces out there, such as P.J. Hoover‘s (another critique buddy, who by the way has a great interview up on Blog Talk Radio), but couldn’t find the posts.  
I do most of my writing in my dining room (see above picture).  We don’t have an eat-in-kitchen, so we eat in the dining room every day.  It’s the sunniest room in the house and I love how the plants thrive here.  I had to take eight shots of this room, before I could get one inside photo with a decent light exposure.  And please, no comments on how the rug is too small for the room or why don’t I have any pictures on the wall. They’re on the list of things I’ll get to, one of these days.  I’d also like to paint out the woodwork a crisp white, but this is on my one day list.
My coolest plant is the 100-year-old potted clover. I joke about the age, but it is probably almost 70! My mother-in-law received this plant from her mother, when she left her house, for good luck. Now that my husband and I are guardians of this plant, you better be sure we’re taking care to make sure this plant flourishes. 
A good work space is important for me to be able to collect my thoughts and create. Where else am I going to be able to pace around the room and work out the details of dialogue or plot? Or stare out the window and dream a little before typing away on my keyboard?
Where do you write?
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