Inspiration Word: RESILIENT


That’s my word/theme of the year.  
I will be resilient.

When it comes to my writing and my dreams…

When it comes to my children and their fears, tears, joys and celebrations in life…

When it comes to my middle one’s allergies, eczema, asthma, and worrying about her health and my ability to manage it, that it becomes an overwhelming mountain on my shoulders…

When it comes to taking care of my family, the cooking, the cleaning, the car rides, the listening, the nurturing, the believing, the supporting, the being…

When it comes to being a true partner with my husband…

When it comes to family and friends, life adventures, joys, frustrations, pains and hardships, and celebrations…

When it comes to taking care of me, and letting my family honor and respect my time, my efforts, my love and my being…

I will be resilient.


Here are some WORDS I’ve seen around the blogosphere…  
[UPDATED Links…]
What’s your theme for the year?
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