Virtual Time Suck is Not My Friend

The internet is a virtual time suck. 

Sad to say, it offers too much of a temptation for me. With a few clicks on the keyboard, I can discover endless sources of research for my WIP, catch up with my friends on their fantastic blogs, find great writing advice, not to mention all the social networking on Facebook and Twitter, and I don’t even have to get out of my chair.
Pretty pathetic. 
I must resist this temptation that makes me confuse work and play, if I want to finish my manuscript.
I’m sure you’ve all noticed a slowing down of posts and hope you all understand that I need to take some time to focus on my work.  
I wish I were strong enough to go cold turkey, but I’m not. I’d miss you all too much and need a little diversion, every once in awhile. I’ll post something on a weekly basis and more if I can, but I have this mental goal of finishing the revisions on my manuscript before the NESCBWI conference next month, and need to get this done.
I’ll stop by and visit your blogs when I can and visit you on Facebook. Please don’t be insulted if you don’t hear from me regularly. 
I’ll be much better when I can say I’m done. 
Thanks for your patience.
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