Day 2: Mapping Out Writing Time: I Don’t Want To Blues

Spy Girl and Ninja Girl had a great first day of school yesterday. They’re happy about their teachers, thrilled to see their friends, and ready to get to the learning.

Of course there is always one who needs to be different…Princess Rock Star. Her first day of school was today. When she woke up this morning, she claimed illness, but quickly revived to play an early round of tennis before school. My husband brought Princess Rock Star to her class–we figured there would be less meltdown possibilities with him in charge…

However, we didn’t count on the UNKNOWN.

About ten minutes later, Husband called me up, his voice strained. Things didn’t go so well. When he brought Princess Rock Star into the building, someone greeted them, and then a woman swooped out of nowhere, behind the greeter, and before anyone could see who it was, she grabbed Princess Rock Star’s hand and said she’d bring her to the classroom.

Princess Rock Star freaked.

Husband had no idea who this woman was, didn’t understand why she didn’t identify herself first, and he tried to calm down Princess Rock Star–the woman still clutching her hand. He helped bring Princess Rock Star into the classroom, where the woman proceeded to pry Husband’s and Princess Rock Star’s hands apart. Princess Rock Star cried more. At that point, Husband asked woman to leave them alone and let Princess Rock Star compose herself. Princess Rock Star calmed down, once she realized the woman gave her space, asked for a tissue, wiped her eyes and nose, kissed Daddy, and then walked into the morning circle and sat down.

It turns out, when I picked Princess Rock Star up after school, she was all smiles. Her school day turned out okay after all.

BUT, she’s not looking forward to returning in the morning and seeing the woman…it made quite an impression on her. Princess Rock Star had a meltdown this evening, asking if I would stay outside her classroom the whole time tomorrow. She wants her own personal guard.

I wish Princess Rock Star had good memories of her first day of school, but this one is going to scar her for awhile.

How’s that for the modern way of separating child from parent on the first day of school?

Write-a-Scene Writing Prompt: Sometimes we just have to do things we don’t want to do. Write a scene where your reluctant protagonist is faced with agonizing torture, but must go through it, ie: school, dentist/doctor appointment, promised best friend something, clique pressures, save the kingdom, etc. What’s the outcome? Remember, conflict and emotion is key!

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