Day 17: Mapping Out Writing Time: Not Fitting In

Today is a half-day of school and it figures I will be without Sophie, my ten-year-old car. Sophie has been working hard to keep us safe. It’s time to bring her in to get some work done.

Spy Girl isn’t too happy Sophie won’t be with us. A bunch of 5th grade girls made plans to go into the center of town, have lunch and shop. Spy Girl wasn’t included and she wants Sophie to whisk her away to the movie theater or someplace else where she won’t have to run into her friends. I find this so strange since all these girls are coming to Spy Girl’s birthday party this weekend.

I’m trying to be cool about the whole thing, but of course I’m a little upset since I don’t want to see my child left out. More importantly, I don’t want to feed into her disappointment and make her think this is horrible. However, I’m also relieved–I’m not ready to have my just-turned-eleven-year-old walk around town, unsupervised, in the midst of middle schoolers and high schoolers who will be hanging around, enjoying the half-day off from school.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens this morning at school, if new plans are made for this afternoon…

Write-a-Scene Writing Prompt: There will be times when your protagonist won’t feel like part of a group. Write a scene where your MC doesn’t fit in. Is it her choice? Does it bother him? Describe the situation and the other players. Dig deep to find the motivating factor.

Don’t be afraid to let your inner teen out and reveal insecurities. Remember to show the emotion and conflict! Be brave!

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