Day 21: Mapping Out Writing Time: Injecting Humor the Inkygirl Way

Well. The whole household has fallen to this evil virus, called the flu. Is it swine flu? No idea since our doctor’s office won’t test for it. Even if it was this fast-morphing contagion, there are no prescription meds for the flu to be found.

But, I will tell you it is nasty. And totally unfair. I have three sick kids home from school. Aaack! No recuperation time for me.

In the meantime, for your writing inspiration entertainment, I give you Moxie and Ed, the comic darlings of Inkygirl. Man, this is good stuff.

Because sometimes, you just need a smile or laugh to get through the hard stuff.

NaNoWriMo comic Day 2 - inspiration

If you want to keep up with Inkygirl’s Moxie and Ed comics, click here to go over to her NaNoWriMo archive.

Write-a-Scene Writing Prompt: Unexpected things happen, and sometimes, it’s not a good thing for your MC. Write a scene where you inject some levity into the situation. Use dialogue, action, a look, a misunderstanding.

Have fun and enjoy your writing day!

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