Write-a-Scene Writing Prompt: Persistence

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep moving toward a goal.

You’re not feeling well.

There are too many things on the To-Do List.

The house is a mess.

Your family needs attention.

You’d rather write than work, but need your job.

You don’t know how to say, “No,” when someone asks you to volunteer or needs you to watch their kids.

People ask when your book is going to get published and give you funny looks because this is taking so long. Secretly, you’re stressed with all the pressure and wonder why you even told anyone about your writing in the first place.

Did I mention the house is a mess?

Gah! It’s enough to make a person quit.

Yet, you keep going on. Because it’s what you want. It’s soaked into your bones, your very being.

You find slips of time and keep writing. And writing. And writing.

Despite the doubt. Despite the naysayers. Despite everything.

Be persistent. It will get you to your goal. Need another nudge? Just listen to Ray Bradbury.

Write-a-Scene Writing Prompt: What does your protagonist need to accomplish? What is the motivation and hold back? Is there something you MC will gain or lose? Write a scene where your MC needs to demonstrate persistence at all costs. He wants the girl, but doesn’t know how to tell her, even though she’s about to give up and go out with a loser. She needs to find the elixir before the bad guys, or else the king will die. Does he/she succeed or fail? Let your protagonist suffer. Lots of conflict and emotion are needed here!

Make your words count!

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