Inspiration Monday: A New Year, A New Slate

A repost from my  HipWriterMama blog:

I’ve often wondered what kept people moving toward their dreams when obstacles fell in their way. Sometimes, these rocks are just too massive and downright overwhelming, sucking up every bit of energy from one’s soul. It’s enough to make one want to give up and decide it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

It’s rather sad.

Think about this. If everyone gave up, we wouldn’t have most of the things we use on a daily basis, that we take so much for granted. Almost everything our hands have touched, the knowledge we’ve soaked in, the history we have inherited, have come from someone else’s blood, sweat and tears. There’s always someone, somewhere, who had that boulder thrown in their path, and decided to find ways around it, rather than to stop and retreat.

Have you ever had that mountain grow in your path towards your dream?

Maybe your family needs you. Or you’ve been getting too distracted from your day job but need to work more hours to pay those bills. Maybe your house looks like it will take an army to clean it. Or you’ve been sick. Or your children have been sick. Or you take care of an elderly parent.  Have you overcommitted yourself for volunteer projects? Are you working around the clock to prove to your boss you’re perfectly capable?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, right about now? Unsure of what to do? Wonder how you’re going to reach your dream when life just won’t cooperate? After all, how can things work out? You’ve got responsibilities and commitments and there isn’t any room for fairy dust sprinkles and light-up-the-sky type of dreams.  Maybe you’re relieved or resentful because whenever you work on making your dream a reality, you don’t feel the enthusiasm you used to have.

Because nobody believes in you. Or maybe your family and friends are your biggest supporters and you worry about disappointing them.

Maybe you’re afraid. Of what will happen if you fail. Or if you succeed.

Do you see how this list of stones can grow and grow into an impenetrable mountain?

Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking of these situations and I know I’ve only written a small portion of what people are going through.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve had days, even weeks where I’ve been frozen in place. Worried about every little detail. Overwhelmed by lack of time. Spending time fulfilling my commitments. Afraid to make a move.

But it’s always the wondering and the thrill of my dream that gets me back into action. The What If’s. What if I can prove to all the naysayers that I can do it? What if someone likes my work? What if this makes it all the worthwhile? Then, I think of the people who have truly fought for their dreams–true heroics and courage needed to stand up and fight for their visions. This is what helps me find creative ways around my obstacles. It makes my dream feel more achievable, when I know others before me have suffered and accomplished so much, for beliefs and dreams far greater than mine.

The way I see it (because I’ve justified it to myself), the 2010 slate is erased and we have a chance for a new beginning in 2011.  There is so much I wanted to get done last year, and while I’m a little disappointed I didn’t reach my goal, I’m off to start my quest once more in 2011. One step at a time. One step at a time.

How about you? You can do it!  I know you can.

[NOTE: This post was adapted from one of my New Year’s 30 Day Challenge musings.]

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