A Valentine’s Wish for You

I know I’m going to sound like a curmudgeon, but at the risk of it, I’ll tell you what’s on my mind. I’m not sure why we need to have a Valentine’s Day.  Say, what?  Yes, you read this correctly.

While it’s sweet and all that we have one day dedicated to acknowledge the love we have for the special person in our life, and vice versa, for some reason, it just seems so lame to me.  The fact we need a day that nudges someone to say “I Love You.”  Puleeze.  If the person doesn’t show you in so many ways on a daily basis already, why should a day advertised to be the most romantic day of the year, make it different?  Because commercials tell us so?

What about all the people who are single, who don’t have a special person to share this day with? Does it make them less important? This is where I find this whole Valentine’s Day to be so flawed. There’s the power of suggestion that if you’re loved, you should expect flowers, candy, jewelry, a romantic dinner.  And if you don’t….well, you decide.

There’s not a whole lot of empowerment there for people who have to sweat this day out…and yes, especially in middle school and high school. Remember those carnations they’d give out in class? But, that’s another story. And for this to happen because of a psuedo-holiday, that just plain bites.

So, this is my Valentine’s Day wish for you.  Take this day to respect and honor yourself.  Make this about you first, then focus on your loved ones.  But get that extra fifteen minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee.  Take the time to pamper yourself or go for that jog you’re always talking about.

If my words don’t encourage you, then take a few minutes to listen to this powerful song, “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. Yes, I think she’s awesome.

Christina Aguilera sings “Beautiful”

You are Beautiful. Honor and respect yourself. Show yourself the love.

Go and have a great Valentine’s Day.  On YOUR terms. That is all.

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