Writing Tip: Getting In The Mood

Writing is hard work. For me anyway. It is tough creating meaning out of a jumbled assortment of words. Very tough. One. Word. At. A. Time. Tough.

Whether I commit 15 minutes or three hours to writing, I need to make sure I’m focused and in the mood. Otherwise, I’m staring into a blank screen and feeling rather pathetic.

Some great mood enhancers to get into character:

  1. Tons of research.
  2. Music.
  3. Watch a movie. (Yes, this counts!)
  4. Our emotions (Are you happy, sad, mad? Don’t waste the emotion, write a scene!)

No matter how much I’m prepared to write, there is one thing I must have at all times to succeed in my writing time — Order. This is amusing to those who know me, since chaos and disorder is a constant in my household. But when I work, I need order. This means a clutter free work area, no glaring things to do hanging over my head, and calmness in the household. Ergo, things need to be picked up and I write at night. And that is what gets me in the mood. To write.

So what do you need to get into your creative mood?

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