The Writer’s Arsenal

Imagine. Reveal Character. Plot Action. Write.

The Short Version: In my opinion, if you want to be a writer, you need four things:

  1. A good imagination.
  2. Compelling characters.
  3. Great plot.
  4. Discipline to sit and write.

The Long Version:

  1. Read. Read. Read.
  2. Have a great idea?  Research, plot and develop your characters. Check out the Research & Writing Eye Candy: my online newspaper (I’ve pulled together a feast for your eyes… Start your research here. You’ll find great sources of information about technology, politics, history, business, science, education, health & fitness, psychology, style & fashion, odd tidbits of information, and of course, writing.)
  3. Imagine.
  4. Sit down, find your voice, and treat your writing seriously.
  5. Reveal character and add emotion.
  6. Plot action.
  7. Finish your first draft.
  8. Write with your heart and soul; edit with the stealth of a ninja.
  9. Dare to bare and join a critique group.
  10. Join SCBWI, if you haven’t already.
  11. Learn from published authors.
  12. Look Fear in the Eye
  13. Research literary agents and publishers.
  14. Pay attention to feedback.
  15. Be resilient and persistent.
  16. You can do this!

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